Robert A. Cravalho, MPA, DTM, AS

“Some avoid conflict, others learn to embrace it.”

Robert Cravalho, affectionately known as Bobby Cravalho to his friends, served as a Honolulu police officer for over 30 years. As a police officer, he was assigned as a hostage negotiator and effectively managed conflicts with deadly consequences. Robert has taken his training and experience and created an entertaining presentation that provides tools that anyone can use to manage conflict in their everyday life.

Robert is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and is on the faculty at the Hawaii Pacific University. He is also the managing agent of Hawaiian Island Investigations, a private firm providing investigation and security services for clients like the National Football League and the Hawaii Hotel Visitor Industry Security Association.

In 2017, Robert received the coveted Accredited Speaker designation from Toastmasters International and is only one of 89 Toastmasters in the world to achieve this designation. He has demonstrated his ability to combine his expertise with the mastery of the spoken word. Robert is ready and willing to help you and your team become the best you can be.

Embracing Conflict


Building Rapport


Becoming An Active Listener


Identifying Emotion Versus Logic


Bringing About The Conclusion



It’s not a matter of if you have conflict, but how you respond to it. Are you confident in your ability to manage conflict in your life? If not, what are you doing to enhance your ability? Robert has a two hour and four hour program that will provide you with the tools to manage conflict in your everyday life. He can also tailor a program to fit your needs.

Dynamics of a Conflict

The types of conflicts vary, yet the definition remains the same: a disagreement or argument between two individuals or groups of individuals. Some believe conflict can be resolved with authority. A supervisor may intervene with two subordinates experiencing conflict by issuing orders. A parent may tell a child to “knock it off” and when questioned respond, “Because I said so!” This is not the best approach. This response might work at the time, but the conflict continues and is never truly resolved.

Authentic Stories

After over 30 years of police service, Robert has authentic stories to share with you. Some are humorous. Some are sad and even tragic. However, the stories are all memorable and will help to cement the principles of conflict management Robert is sharing. You will discover how to build rapport, how to become an active listener, how to identify the dynamics of logic versus emotion, and how to gently offer suggestions that, with compromise, will allow conflict to be resolved and create a positive work environment.

Conflict Resolution

No one is anxious to face conflict. Some run away from conflict which allows conflict to flourish. Others believe they have no power over conflict. Once they learn how to manage conflict effectively to resolution, they become empowered. To resolve conflict one must employ trust, open up lines of communication and actually listen to both sides. Once there is understanding then solutions can be offered and compromise can occur. Once Robert shares his techniques and strategies with your team, a transformation occurs and conflict is looked upon as an opportunity to grow and improve your organization.


“In the Pursuit of Excellence!”

Robert’s communication training and experience is multi-faceted and he is prepared to consult with you on all of your communication needs. Whether you are preparing a speech to present to your leaders or crafting a tagline for your business, Robert can assist you to create an impactful message.


“Are you able to bid … able to bid fifty?”

While assisting a non-profit organization with a fundraiser, Robert was asked if he could serve as an auctioneer. He had no experience as a live seller and decided to take on the challenge. Robert recalls, “It’s amazing what you can learn on YouTube!” He has been an auctioneer for several non-profit organizations with positive results.


Client List

United States Army


State of Hawaii


City and County of Honolulu


Honolulu Police Community Foundation


Honolulu Firefighters Foundation


Bank of Hawaii


McDonald’s Hawaii


Hawaiian Humane Society


Halekulani Hotel


Kick Start Karate


St. Francis Electrical



Exceptional Human Being

“Robert is a wonderful public speaker, moderator, and emcee. He is professional, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor that is a true gift. He is an exceptional human being.”

– Jessica Lani Rich, President & CEO,
Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii

Desire to Help Others

“I have worked with Robert for several years and watched him grow as a presenter. His conflict message is timeless and his true desire to help others is unquestionable.”

– Cindy Sakai, Co-Founder,
TH!NK Training

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